We have many options when it comes to storing your boat! We have basic, covered roof storage as well as fully enclosed, garage type storage. The photos below show our storage facilities. Boat sheds can be rented for a year at a discounted rate when paid in full up front. Sheds can also be rented for the winter season or summer season depending on what works best for your needs.

There is generally a high demand for storage during the winter months. If you are interested in winter storage, please let us know before the summer season is over. There is also a high demand for fully enclosed storage. Most people rent these for an entire year, so we may not have any vacancies.

Contact Us: 270-257-2121

If you are interested in any storage we offer, please call us to check for availability.

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    We have two different sized enclosed facilities. One section of enclosed sheds have 10′ wide by 10′ tall doors and are 35 feet deep. Another section of enclosed sheds have 12′ wide by 12′ doors and are 38 feet deep. These facilities have concrete floors.
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    We have a large number of regular roof top sheds on gravel with some gated and some with 24/7 access. These sheds vary in size, but most are about 10′ wide by 9′ tall and 30 feet deep.
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    We also have a limited number of larger roof top sheds. These sheds are about 12′ wide by 11′ tall and 30 feet deep. These have gravel and are gated.
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    We also have mini storage facilities available for rent. These storage sheds come in three sizes; 5′ by 6′, 9′ by 10′ and 7.5′ by 14.5′.