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    This picture was taken at the original location of the then Fentress Auto & Marine in “downtown” McDaniels. This continued to be the main location until the late 1970s.
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    Pictured is our main location since the late 1970s. This picture was taken in 1989 when we sold gas and still transported house boats. The red boat in front of the building is a Hurricane deck boat, a line of boats we have sold for almost 30 years and continue to sell today. We are now Fentress Marine Inc.
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    This picture was taken in 2011, less than a year before our 50th anniversary. Since the previous picture, office and service space has been added, parking lot has been paved and a lighted sign has been installed. We have seen a lot of things change over the years but our service is not one. We aren’t the best because we’ve been here the longest, we’ve been here the longest because we’re the best.